Getting Involved Timeline and Planning

For all interested faculty, we suggest the timeline below:

Our protocol for adoption of a D3 lab(s) by collaborators is illustrated for the case of Professor AmyDounay (Colorado College = CC)

         • Summer 2013: Attend D3 Workshop, Initial Contact and Confirmation of Interest

         • Summer 2013: Discussions about D3 Lab Incorporation at CC

         • Fall 2013:

               CC: Identify Undergraduate Researcher(s): Natalie Nichols (paraprof., CC BS 2013)

               IUPUI: Provide 2 D3 Bill-Board “Loaner Sets” for “Training Set” Experiments

               IUPUI: Provide Procedures & List of Chemicals

               CC: Complete Undergraduate “Training Set” Experiments

               CC & IUPUI: Planning for Spring Semester D3 Rollout

         • Spring 2014:

               CC & IUPUI: Continue planning

               CC: Repeat “Training Set” Experiments

               IUPUI: Provide 12 D3 Bill-Board Sets for Spring 2014 lab

               CC: Target Course for D3 Lab: “Reactions of Organic Molecules” (CH 251)

               CC: May 5-9, D3 Laboratory (Instructor and Undergraduate Researcher)

                     Pre- Lab Discussions

                     Conduct Lab

                     Analytical Chemistry (preferably on site; otherwise off site)

                     Post-Lab Discussions

         • Spring & Summer 2014:

               CC & IUPUI: Lab Results Assessment and Future Planning