D3 Resources for Synthetic Chemists

Synthetic chemists are at the heart of D3. They use their skills to either develop or implement the D3 process at a molecular level.

D3 Development

D3 Implementation

  1. The computational chemists can enumerate large virtual D3 libraries based on this work.
  2. These D3 virtual libraries become the raw material for computational analysis, and the selection of subsets of molecules that should be made using D3-enabled procedures as potential drug leads for a particular neglected disease.
  3. Visit our page on getting involved for more information.
Scaffold ID Scaffold Structure Virtual Catalog Initial Citation
D3-SC-01A Virtual Catalog JACS 1996118, 6070
D3-SC-01B Virtual Catalog JACS 1996118, 6070
D3-SC-04 Virtual Catalog JCC 200911, 34
D3-SC-05 Virtual Catalog TL 200142, 2073
D3-SC-06 Virtual Catalog OL 200911, 3558